BEAM & MOON // Wedding Dress

Callen Thompson of BEAM
Callen Thompson of BEAM

October of last year I attended a wedding in Austin, Texas, for two friends- Callie & Eli. They were married under an alter covered with sunflowers built for the ceremony by friends. A violinist serenaded the couple as they joined their party in celebration under sprawling oak trees.

The best part- I was asked to make the wedding dress.

I met Callie and Eli 2 years ago. I was new to Austin and they were studying at a small design school. We shared interesting stories and to this day it’s still hard to pull myself away from our conversations.

Callie is the designer behind BEAM, a textile collection drawing inspiration from desert road trips and her observations of the natural world. Each work begins as a painting then undergoes transformation as Callie digitizes the work and creates repeat patterns for printing onto cotton voile and canvas.


Callie and I met 3 times for her gown. We spent a few hours taking measurements, in fittings and planning the pattern layout. She chose Lace Wing (right), influenced by the intricate patterns of insect wings. We played with scale and landed on a smaller scale for the bodice and larger scale for the skirt. It sounds simple but neither of us realized the infinite possibilities for design with all the variables: pattern, scale, orientation, seams.

Callie Thompson in her gown
Callie Thompson in her gown

The result was more personal than anything I’ve made, a journey I would love to take again. – Céline

Callie shares a moment with a friend
Callie shares a moment with a friend
BEAM & MOON // Wedding Dress

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